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A Continual Circle of Services

Join 1500 other progressive business owners who are creating new markets for sales and reducing their expenses with barter. Barter is simply the exchange of goods or services for trade rather than for cash. Today, barter has taken on a whole new meaning as a way to do business more profitably.

This is How It Works

Barter Connections Inc (BCI) operates much like a bank. Upon joining, you establish a barter bank account and a line of credit within our trade network.

By selling products or services to other clients in the trade exchange, trade dollars are deposited in your bank account with BCI. Trade dollars are credited dollar-for-dollar according to the normal cash price of whatever is being sold. The trade dollars you earn through sales can be used to purchase products or services from any other of our 1,000 plus members throughout New England and nationally through our member companies within our system.

Transactions are recorded and posted to your account immediately so you have no bad debt to collect within our network. Monthly bank statements are sent to our members and reconciled like a cash statement.